Saturday, 24 October 2015

Choose Your Dream!

Every time I write a post for this blog, I try my best to provide the best content, reading which people can get motivated and make their dream a reality. Yes, I do get scared of whether I’ll be able to have the desired result or not, but that fear does not make me stop writing or posting and thus brings me back with something new; though sometimes late, sorry for that!! 

Well, basically what I always want to make you understand that Go towards your dream and make it a reality and blah blah! Today let’s get to some real world where a folk dream always gets crushed under parent’s expectations and thus forces them to do what their parents want to, but is it that wise decision? Can you imagine yourself working at the place you never dreamed of? 

Obviously not! No one can do what they are not born to! So, best is to choose your dream and work upon it to make it a reality. May be your parents won’t allow you for so, but you have to make them prove so that they can believe you and your dream! Don’t walk the road you never wanted to! 

Dreams may take time, but reality is worth of waiting! 

Saturday, 3 October 2015

Take a Fly!!

We know that it is not at all possible to reach our destination if we won’t take a step forward, similarly we can’t fulfil our dream staying at the same place or same position, and we need to step up so that we can reach, where we always wanted to. And following this while moving forward most of the people find themselves getting away from their loved ones which make them feel low, obviously it is not easy to lose anyone. Maybe you can also be one of them! 

But here it is important to understand that to reach somewhere or to get something it is necessary to leave something behind. This is the rule of life and it goes on like this only. Everyone has to move on this path so that they can make their life more than just spending. 

In case you still find yourself low somewhere, think of the happiness you will give them when you’ll be succeeded. Maybe you will not find everyone waiting for you but the people who truly adore you will still be standing there waiting for you. And as we always get to hear that life is not about losing someone or something, it is all about getting what you truly deserve!

Fly hard
So, get ready and fly towards your dream without getting afraid of losing someone and do remember your loved ones can wait for you but your dreams will not!!

Sunday, 27 September 2015

Long Live Google!!

Hey dreamers!! 
Hope you all are doing well.
Apology for these late updates on blog but I’ll try my best to provide you with the best of mine!! 
Apart from those motivational posts, today let’s take it to some another track, what's say? Nice idea, right!!
Okay, so you must be knowing that today is that special occasion which celebrates 17 years of our relationship with Google, then why not we talk about the only one search engine which have been our helping hand from last 17 years without being selfish and careless. 

It made people like me to dream for better tomorrow actually the brighter tomorrow; it taught me everything I never knew about. And even today if I wish to learn something, the first thing I look for is Google because I know it will never say no to me. Everyday Google comes up with some new updates which are always there to make our life easier; also it gets you with the best results to your queries and that too in number of seconds.
I don’t think there will be any reason which can make you step back and not wish Happy Birthday to Google.
Many happy returns of the day Google live much long. You are making people’s dream come true. There is nothing different then you, we can ever wish for.

Friday, 25 September 2015

Right time !!

Many of you must have started moving towards your dream so that you can get them accomplished, no matter how hard the path is, but people like you choose to move and make yourself proud. 

But still there are some people who don't even take a step towards their dream or even step back as they keep waiting for the right time to come and these people just end up to thinking and finally give up on their dream!! Because they did not find that so called Right time!! 

The question here is that when would be that right time to move towards your dream? There are two answers to this question "Now" and "Never". Confusing!! Right? But this is the only answer to this question.
Now is the right time to move towards your dream and also on the other hand right time never comes. So, wise decision is to stop waiting for the right time and start moving towards your dream now. 

Life is too short to wait for something. You can’t make sure that you are going to live forever. It’s only the moment you have now. Dream it!! Live it!! And just Do it!! 

Saturday, 19 September 2015

No Shortcuts !!

You know what, you all are living with a dream in your mind this time and somewhere you want that dream to get fulfilled. But there is no secret in this that if someone wants to get their dream fulfilled, one needs to invest into it. Few of you may also think of that shortcut which can help you reach towards your goal, but do remember that shortcuts never lead you towards the destinations. So, you need to take that long route and reach the place you always wanted to. Yes, during this journey you may face the hurdles you never even thought of, but you need to understand that life is meaningless without hurdles. Always remember, life was never easy and nor it will be. If you want to make your life really livable, take a step towards your dream and never give up no matter how hard the path is because you are the only one who can make your dream possible. 
Happy Dreaming !! 

Thursday, 3 September 2015

Shoot Your Fear Out!!

The beautiful part of each one of our lives, which we always wish to see becoming a reality but unfortunately this cannot happen automatically. Like any other work, our dreams also ask for  that input from our side which will allow our dreams to shape themselves into a beautiful reality. More bitter fact is that it is not that much easy as it seems to be, it is going to be very much difficult. But more important thing is that “You can Do it”. 

If you have that fire , that courage, which drives you a step forward everyday towards your dream, which don’t even allow you to get sleep at night then nothing can stop you. What you just need is to give that proper amount of input at proper time.
There is nothing to rush for and also nothing to fear about. With every passing day you just have to take that step forward so that you too can believe that today you are much better than what you were used to be yesterday. You must have heard of the fact that “Miracles start happening when you give as much energy to your dreams as you give to your fears.” There is nothing left to explain about , you just have to transform the direction of your energy from fears to your dreams and that’s it. 
Shoot your fear out and gulp your strength in !! 

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Take That First Step!!

Dreams !! Part of each and everyone of our lives. Our dreams are so much effective that whenever we even think of it, there is always that huge smile on our face. And obviously there is no one out there who doesn't want to see their dream becoming a reality.
“All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them”
As the line itself depicts that if you have that real courage to make your dreams come true than no power can stop you from achieving them. You must have heard this “With courage comes strength”, if you have enough courage than you will never be scared of what it will take to reach that goal. You will just keep moving on and one day you will see your dreams  facing towards you in the form of reality.
There is a phrase that you cannot always get everything but do not ever forget that if you try hard you end up getting the thing once you cried for. What you just need to do is to work upon your dreams no matter what it will take to fulfill them and as a result you will see yourself where you actually always wanted to. I am seriously not saying that its going to be easy but trust me its gonna be worth it. Take that first step !!   

Monday, 31 August 2015

Step Forward.

Hey Dreamers !!
Okay so, from last some days we were talking about the dreaming part like Have a Dream , feel its magic and the beauty it is holding , don't be afraid to dream a big dream , instead of doubting yourself and doubting your wishes , doubt your fears and most importantly if you want to have that much vision to carry a Big Dream in your eyes "Believe in Yourself".
So, by now you must have made a dream and also you must have decided that whether you want to choose your fear or your life !! Am i right?
Okay so today let us just take it to the next level .
Its time to take a next step , its time to bring out a reality out of your Dream !!
Now the point is how would you really do it ??
Okay let me just explain it via an example. Ummm !! Lets take an example of cooking a dish although i am not really good in cooking part but still.

So when we need to cook a dish what do we really need? We need to know the whole recipe of how to make it and what will be the ingredients needed to cook that dish. Am i right?
And its not about cooking only , every task need this part to be performed.
And so is your Dream !! To accomplish your Dream you first need to know the building blocks of your Dream.
Yess !! You need to make a plan of how it is actually going to work.
So , Make a Strategy !! See for the ingrdients you need to accomplish your Dream . Best of Luck !! :)  

Sunday, 30 August 2015

Its all about Faith !!

"Future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their Dreams"
Some of you or may be many of you people must have heard this line before . But do we really prefer to follow this mantra in our life as well ??
I mean see its damn too easy to read this line and even to understand the meaning but when it comes to apply it to our daily life , are we actually ready for it?
Okay !! Tell me one thing , do you understand the actual meaning of this line ?? Let me just tell you once for my own convenience . This line states that If you believe in your dreams , doesn't matter how much big you are actually dreaming but if you do believe in your dreams there is no one out there who can stop you to accomplish them.
Now coming back to that point we were talking about. Are we really ready to accept it in reality and take a risk? Just on the basis of our Dream !! Seriously !!
The answer is no , obviously not !! We just can't !! How can we put our whole life at risk just because we have a Dream and we want to make it come true .
Okay then get ready for that boring work you don't actually want to do but you have to because you are just too much afraid to believe in your dreams , you are damn too much afraid to believe in you !! Live the life you don't actually wished for , and result will be "No Future".
Think about it !!
Will you be happy with that life !! Will you be??
no , and you know that very well.
So the thing is if you actually want to see your future with that happy smiling face than you have to "Believe in your Dreams" , you have to "Believe in Yourself". And trust me, okay not me trust God atleast, On one fine day you will be succeeded and you will live your dream.

Believe in yourself !! :)
Happy Dreaming :) 

Saturday, 29 August 2015

Fear !!

"Do not follow where the path may lead . Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail" 
I know you all are wise enough to understand the meaning of this statement written and obviously some of you let us say 20% may be progressing towards there dreams moving the path they never even thought of . Cheers to those !!

But what about other 80% who are sitting somewhere in those dark rooms and are so much afraid of facing the world outside !!

Don't tell me they don't dream. There is no one out there on this earth who do not have any Dream or any Wish. Each one of us have a wish and somewhere we do know that . Don't we ??
So the thing is if we are aware of our dreams than why are we so much afraid of taking a step forward to achieve our dreams !!
Answer to this is "FEAR" , our Fear !!
Fear of failure !!

We all have a nature of making assumptions , and same we do with our dreams "What if things don't work out or what if they do and I won't be able to handle the success and blah blah blah".
Listen to me you people "This fear is not going to lead you anywhere".
If you want to achieve something than keep your fear aside but if you don't than hold on to it !! Choice is all yours !!

Friday, 28 August 2015

Big Dreams !!

"Dreams are not real if they don't scare you"
Dreaming is said to be beautiful , Dreaming is said to allow an individual to make their own fantasy world , it is also said to make people feel good but what is this concept of getting afraid of your dreams !!
"If your dreams don't scare you , they aren't big enough"
Well here it is, an another quote which can actually make it easy to understand the quote mentioned above.
Assembling these lines together we can actually mark the similarity among these two which says "Dreams are not real if they are not big enough".

So, what we can say is Don't limit your dreams. Limiting your dreams will not allow you to do something great , it will not allow you to become what you really want to.
For an instance , If Walt Disney would have limited his dreams than I think our childhood would not have been so much interesting as it was because of our dearest Mickey and Minnie.

And let us say if P.M Narendra Modi would have limited his dreams than Would it be really possible to see this person at the place of Manmohan singh , who atleast inspires the youth to do something for our better future , our India's future !!

No !! Obviously not !!  
So why ??
Why you are limiting yourself !! Why the hell you are limiting your dreams !!
Dreams don't come with limits , you have to dream great to be great !! Choice is all yours !!

Thursday, 27 August 2015

Ask Yourself !!

Hello Dreamers !!
Actually i was just too much confused about whether to say even this "Hello" word or not :P
As you people know that I am a newbie in this field of blogging and i just realized(through my friend actually) that I am kind of repeating the same lines again and again and I am very sorry for that .
I will try my best to not to repeat this mistake again . Hope you all will forgive me for this !! :)
Obviously you will :P Dreamers are always kind-hearted people. :D
Okay so back to our world of Dreams !!
Tell me one thing or ask it yourself atleast :P "Do your Dreams Scare you?" I mean whatever your dream is , is it really so much effective that it can't even let you sleep at night . If you are saying "Yes" Congratulations you are totally on the right path .
But if you are lil bit confused about it than Friend you need to think about your dream once again !! Do remember "If your Dreams don't scare you they are not big enough".
Dream Big !! 
Dream On!!
Happy Dreaming :)

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Your Vision !!

Howdy Dreamers !! 
So how is it all going ?? :) 
Okay, do i really need to ask you again that how far you have reached into your dreamworld? I don't think so !! :P 

And do i need to explain you again that how beautiful your dreams really are? I think you know it yourself now(and in case you don't , check out the previous posts) !! ;) 

Okay so today lets move one step forward and let us check our vision today !! Arre !! No, Not talking about your eyesight :P 

Your Vision towards your Dreams !! 
Let us see how far we can really dream of !! 
No No as i told you before i am not here to give you any tips regarding anything so how could i even dare to limit your dreams, infact no one in this whole world has this right to tell you that how far you can really dream except one person "YOU", yes YOU !!

You have chained yourself to the situations to those expectations and Sad to say you have stopped being yourself !! Think about it !! See you tomorrow with some new dreams !! :) 
Till then "Dream On" Dreamer . 
I don't think any non dreamer is left by now !! ;) 
Still " Dare To Dream".
Stay Happy !! :) 

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Dream ON !!

Hey Dreamers !! 
So how much long you have reached in the paradise of your dreams??
HAHA!! Doesn't matter!! Important thing is that you are Dreaming. :)
DreamWorld <3 

Well you must have checked out my previous post and in case you have not I recommend you to read it. Nah!! Nothing Important or so. Just to make you believe that there are lot more dreamers like you ;) Check it out !! :)
Okay coming back to the point I am not here to provide you some tips or anything to be happy or to live your life in your own manner, b'coz I think Dreamers don't really need it , there dreams are more than enough to make that Dreamworld which will bring a bulk of happiness to them !! Am I Rite??

Okay tell me one thing, have you ever noticed a smile on child's face while sleeping??

 I am sure you all must have got that smiling curve on your face this time while thinking of child's face :D. Dont believe me? See yourself in the mirror then!! :P
Ok back to the point , that smile on child's face while dreaming !! Still you need to know that beauty of Dreams , that magic of dreams ?? Trust me !! Your dreams will give you the feeling nothing in the world can ever give !!
And do remember There is no one out there who have the power to take your dreams away from you.
See you in the next post with some new Dreams !! Till then " Dream On Dreamer" and non dreamers "Dare To Dream" !! :)  

Monday, 24 August 2015

Beauty of Dreams !!

Hello Dreamer !! :D 
You must be one of those who are carrying a wish (or we can say a DREAM) inside them . Are not you ? I know you are ;) that is why you are here to see whether you are only the one or someone else is also there who is going through the same thing !! Well let me tell you , You are not alone my Friend. There are thousands of dreamers who have created their own world of dreams and among those I am also the one :) 

Dreams have their own beauty . They have their own magic which make this Earth a really beautiful place to live !! Have you ever noticed that when you think of your dream you feel like travelling in the place different from present state !! Isn't it cool !! Isn't it beautiful !! :) 

Soo do you have a dream ? Have you also felt that beauty and magic of your dreams that unexpectedly drives a sweet smile on your face !! :) Dream on Dreamer !! And who don't dream :P Well what I can say is " Dare To Dream " ;)