Monday, 31 August 2015

Step Forward.

Hey Dreamers !!
Okay so, from last some days we were talking about the dreaming part like Have a Dream , feel its magic and the beauty it is holding , don't be afraid to dream a big dream , instead of doubting yourself and doubting your wishes , doubt your fears and most importantly if you want to have that much vision to carry a Big Dream in your eyes "Believe in Yourself".
So, by now you must have made a dream and also you must have decided that whether you want to choose your fear or your life !! Am i right?
Okay so today let us just take it to the next level .
Its time to take a next step , its time to bring out a reality out of your Dream !!
Now the point is how would you really do it ??
Okay let me just explain it via an example. Ummm !! Lets take an example of cooking a dish although i am not really good in cooking part but still.

So when we need to cook a dish what do we really need? We need to know the whole recipe of how to make it and what will be the ingredients needed to cook that dish. Am i right?
And its not about cooking only , every task need this part to be performed.
And so is your Dream !! To accomplish your Dream you first need to know the building blocks of your Dream.
Yess !! You need to make a plan of how it is actually going to work.
So , Make a Strategy !! See for the ingrdients you need to accomplish your Dream . Best of Luck !! :)  

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