Saturday, 24 October 2015

Choose Your Dream!

Every time I write a post for this blog, I try my best to provide the best content, reading which people can get motivated and make their dream a reality. Yes, I do get scared of whether I’ll be able to have the desired result or not, but that fear does not make me stop writing or posting and thus brings me back with something new; though sometimes late, sorry for that!! 

Well, basically what I always want to make you understand that Go towards your dream and make it a reality and blah blah! Today let’s get to some real world where a folk dream always gets crushed under parent’s expectations and thus forces them to do what their parents want to, but is it that wise decision? Can you imagine yourself working at the place you never dreamed of? 

Obviously not! No one can do what they are not born to! So, best is to choose your dream and work upon it to make it a reality. May be your parents won’t allow you for so, but you have to make them prove so that they can believe you and your dream! Don’t walk the road you never wanted to! 

Dreams may take time, but reality is worth of waiting! 

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