Friday, 28 August 2015

Big Dreams !!

"Dreams are not real if they don't scare you"
Dreaming is said to be beautiful , Dreaming is said to allow an individual to make their own fantasy world , it is also said to make people feel good but what is this concept of getting afraid of your dreams !!
"If your dreams don't scare you , they aren't big enough"
Well here it is, an another quote which can actually make it easy to understand the quote mentioned above.
Assembling these lines together we can actually mark the similarity among these two which says "Dreams are not real if they are not big enough".

So, what we can say is Don't limit your dreams. Limiting your dreams will not allow you to do something great , it will not allow you to become what you really want to.
For an instance , If Walt Disney would have limited his dreams than I think our childhood would not have been so much interesting as it was because of our dearest Mickey and Minnie.

And let us say if P.M Narendra Modi would have limited his dreams than Would it be really possible to see this person at the place of Manmohan singh , who atleast inspires the youth to do something for our better future , our India's future !!

No !! Obviously not !!  
So why ??
Why you are limiting yourself !! Why the hell you are limiting your dreams !!
Dreams don't come with limits , you have to dream great to be great !! Choice is all yours !!

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