Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Dream ON !!

Hey Dreamers !! 
So how much long you have reached in the paradise of your dreams??
HAHA!! Doesn't matter!! Important thing is that you are Dreaming. :)
DreamWorld <3 

Well you must have checked out my previous post and in case you have not I recommend you to read it. Nah!! Nothing Important or so. Just to make you believe that there are lot more dreamers like you ;) Check it out !! :)
Okay coming back to the point I am not here to provide you some tips or anything to be happy or to live your life in your own manner, b'coz I think Dreamers don't really need it , there dreams are more than enough to make that Dreamworld which will bring a bulk of happiness to them !! Am I Rite??

Okay tell me one thing, have you ever noticed a smile on child's face while sleeping??

 I am sure you all must have got that smiling curve on your face this time while thinking of child's face :D. Dont believe me? See yourself in the mirror then!! :P
Ok back to the point , that smile on child's face while dreaming !! Still you need to know that beauty of Dreams , that magic of dreams ?? Trust me !! Your dreams will give you the feeling nothing in the world can ever give !!
And do remember There is no one out there who have the power to take your dreams away from you.
See you in the next post with some new Dreams !! Till then " Dream On Dreamer" and non dreamers "Dare To Dream" !! :)  

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