Sunday, 30 August 2015

Its all about Faith !!

"Future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their Dreams"
Some of you or may be many of you people must have heard this line before . But do we really prefer to follow this mantra in our life as well ??
I mean see its damn too easy to read this line and even to understand the meaning but when it comes to apply it to our daily life , are we actually ready for it?
Okay !! Tell me one thing , do you understand the actual meaning of this line ?? Let me just tell you once for my own convenience . This line states that If you believe in your dreams , doesn't matter how much big you are actually dreaming but if you do believe in your dreams there is no one out there who can stop you to accomplish them.
Now coming back to that point we were talking about. Are we really ready to accept it in reality and take a risk? Just on the basis of our Dream !! Seriously !!
The answer is no , obviously not !! We just can't !! How can we put our whole life at risk just because we have a Dream and we want to make it come true .
Okay then get ready for that boring work you don't actually want to do but you have to because you are just too much afraid to believe in your dreams , you are damn too much afraid to believe in you !! Live the life you don't actually wished for , and result will be "No Future".
Think about it !!
Will you be happy with that life !! Will you be??
no , and you know that very well.
So the thing is if you actually want to see your future with that happy smiling face than you have to "Believe in your Dreams" , you have to "Believe in Yourself". And trust me, okay not me trust God atleast, On one fine day you will be succeeded and you will live your dream.

Believe in yourself !! :)
Happy Dreaming :) 

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